FIIThub is a personal training studio with group exercise classes and spaces for trainers to rent and grow their independent business.


Exercise Classes

Are you looking for a fun workout?

FIIThub offers a variety of classes adjustable to all fitness levels. Our GroupFIIT classes use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in a fun and challenging environment. Our StrongFIIT classes utilize conventional strength movements with engaging and challenging high intensity bouts.

One-On-One and Small Team Training

Do you need a personalized experience?

We will discuss and establish your current health and fitness goals. Then we will tailor a specific routine to get you there. Our plan will support weight loss, flexibility, muscle gain, strength or sport specific training depending on your defined goals.

Corrective Exercise

Are you experiencing pain or movement limitations?

We will evaluate your posture and examine your movement patterns. Then we will recommend exercises and other modalities in order to improve mobility and relieve or eliminate pain.

Nutrition Coaching

Need help deciding what to eat?

We will assess your current nutritional status and body composition. Then I will help you with healthy food choices from the grocery store to the restaurant. These choices will fuel your daily activity, enhance your metabolism, boost your energy and support your recovery.‚Äč

HUB Rental

Are you an independent trainer?

We offer space for rent for your personal training sessions. Each space has access to a wide range of equipment including row erg, ski erg, barbell and rack, TRX suspension trainers, battle ropes, BOSU balls, various slam balls, dumbbells from 5-30 pounds and kettle bells from 10-30 pounds.